NARP New England Regional Meeting

The registration page on the NARP Webs Site is now functional at

The current details for the event are on the web page.

The cost for most of us will be $20 per person, we are hoping to add some very light refreshments to the event. If you have a younger member of your family who is a student at NU, we have a bargain price, all the student has to do is show his or her Student Activity Card. Any other college age student or even high school student can be registered for $5, however, the room at Hurtig Hall is limited to 103 persons. You will need to register that individual in advance

If you are coming please register as soon as possible so we can guarantee a seat for you and your guest, a sellout is expected.

By the way if you have someone who would be interested in NARP or Passenger Rail in general and is older, do not hesitate to bring that person along. All that is necessary is that the registration fee be paid in full.

Hurtig Hall is located at 10 Gainsborough Street in Boston. If you are taking the Commuter Rail on the Providence Line, you should get off at Ruggles Station. It will get you to the rear of the NU Campus. Head north onto Forsyth Street till you get to Huntington Avenue. Take right (heading east) till you get to Gainsborough Street. Take a right and Hurtig Hall should be right there. The room number is 129. It is a little more than 1/2 mile walk from the station.

If you are taking Amtrak or if the weather is inclement, go to Back Bay Station. The ā€œEā€ Arborway Green Line goes directly to Northeastern University Station. From there, go east on Huntington for one block and take a right on to Gainsborough Street. 

If the weather is nice, the NU Campus is only 0.8 or 0.9 miles from Back Bay Station. The shortest walking distance is 0.8 of a mile. For real detailed instructions for that, go to Mapquest for walking directions. If you have a tendency to get lost, go on Dartmouth Street (north, right out of the building) until you get to Stuart Street and turn left (heading west) Stuart Street soon merges into Huntington Avenue, and you can proceed .7 miles until you reach Gainsborough Street on your left. When you turn onto Gainsborough, Hurtig Hall is on your left all of 0.07 miles from Huntington.