Start of Construction on Kingston Station

Work has started on the Kingston Station project, and there are already significant disruptions. 10 spots have been removed from the regular lot, and the grassy areas where people (illegally) did overflow parking are now largely blocked off. The platform lengths have been shortened.

I would like to ask a favor. When I was down yesterday, I saw a potentially serious problem that might have some safety implications during busy days. Amtrak, to my knowledge, will not be addressing this.

I'd like as many of you as possible to independently go down to the station and see if you see anything of the sort I described, and write me with your observations. I want to see if it is just me, or if anybody else picks it up.

In any case, I think the Friends ought to run some local ads advising people of the changes, and suggesting that they start to allow extra time if they're planning on parking at the station. We can discuss this at the next meeting.