Have you heard of the Iron Mine Hill Railroad?

Have you heard of the Iron Mine Hill Railroad?

Dear Readers:

I am conducting continued historical research on an area of Cumberland. I am attempting to verify the existence of an old railroad line that apparently ran from Iron Mine Hill (near Elder Ballou Cemetery) to Woonsocket. The name of the railroad was The Iron Mine Railroad and it is said to have operated from about 1900 to 1910. There is a picture of it on page 84 of the book called The Lower Blackstone River Valley by Charles E. Savoie. The caption reads in part: "Ruins of the Iron Mine Railroad, Cumberland... Constructed in 1900 for the transportation of ore to Woonsocket, the venture was not fruitful and was soon abandoned. This photograph, taken in 1910, shows the condition of the rail bed a mere 10 years later. The photograph was taken by A.L. Sherman of Cumberland and includes his children Leroy, Arthur, and Raymond." I am also trying to locate the descendants of the these three children to see if they have any specific knowledge of this picture. Any information on this would be appreciated and can be forwarded to me at Treelady@cox.net.

Judy Hadley